the snowman, 1982

stills from The Snowman

Should you be the kind of person who likes sad Christmas movies, or classic movies, or short films with an introduction by David Bowie, The Snowman is a worthwhile watch. It’s virtually silent; only Bowie (in the UK version of the intro) and Raymond Briggs (the American version) speak. The London Sinfonia soundtracks the 26-minute feature, but the scrimshaw-esque sketchiness of the illustrations do a fine job of carrying the plot; no dialogue is really needed. Luckily, as most of us lack VCRs nowadays, The Snowman is available on YouTube and streaming services the world ’round.

Happy holidays, and all the best for a better 2017.

x. Carey



it’s that time of year




My theory is that one day we’ll go back to a non-commercialized holiday season, or a satirically capitalist one, in which we’ll watch Elf for an oddly child-friendly Will Ferrell, and Scrooged for the eighties-corporation perspective.

Or maybe we’ll read holiday picture books and I’ll find milk/egg/wheat free waffles to eat. (Or are those simply oats??)

Regarding the Winter solstice, I hope the longer days will somehow rocket forward faster in the calendar year, and January.February.March will not remain the sad months they are.

I had to write a research paper about Hamlet once. It was due two days after it was assigned. So I wrote about Hamlet having seasonal affective disorder and Shakespeare not liking Scandinavian peoples and that’s why the play was basically an ergo miseramus all the way.

~Jingle bells~

Happy Winter for the crazy folk, namely my sister.

All the best,



edited (formatting): 26 may 2017