‘the bleak December’


Ah, distinctly, I rememeber



I’ve a friend who describes this time of year as liminal.

We’re both the superstitious sort, but there’s truth to the matter. There is something spooky about the winter, the last month of the year (in the Gregorian calendar, at least). The cold is coming and things are ending, and they won’t begin again for some time.

(Etymological side note: liminal comes from līmen, Latin for ‘threshold’; next month is January, which comes from Ianuarius—the month of Janus, a Roman god: the gatekeeper.)


It’s cold here, where we are, and it snowed over the weekend. We are almost over our heads in final papers (my humanities cohorts and I) and exams (my aforementioned friend, a STEM major…oxymoronic, huh?) but we are OK.

The cold and the dark do affect me, but I’ve pulled through for the past twenty winters and I’ll do so again. 2017 has been a bad year for so many people, for so many reasons (but also a good year! for the silence-breakers!) but we have pulled through. And anyway,

perfer et obdura, dolor hic tibi proderit olim

(Ovid, Metamorphoses)


love, Carey


a treasury of poems


BA Anthology of Poems

The Best Accessory?

Obviously, a book.

Whether it’s a novel, nonfiction narrative or an anthology, these are my favorite selections.

The latest addition to my classics library is a poem anthology I filched from my grandparents’ beach house.

(I do plan to give it back, for your information).

This collection is a blued leather-bound edition dating from 1949, back when I was maybe a puff of sea foam or possibly a hydrangea plant. (Because ashes to ashes, right?)

The book is pretty amazing, with lots of Romantic poetry from the U.S.A., England, Wales, Scotland, Germany and all of those other 19th century poem-powerhouses.

Among my favorites are “The Lady of Shallott” by Tennyson, “Lucy Gray” by Wordsworth, and Lowell’s “She Came and Went”.

This book is not for the reluctant readers…until they start reading.

Signing off,