public education vs. the orange administration

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SO I’m listening to the Senate Dems’ livestream right now & we only need one more(!) Republican Senator to dissent and Betsy DeVos’ nomination will be blocked. Why do we want to block her appointment as Secretary of Education? She’s made it pretty clear that she is no friend to sexual assault survivors, the LGBT community and public schools in general.

If you feel strongly that she ought not be in charge of public education, you can contact your Senator and let them know!!

x. Carey



the snowman, 1982

stills from The Snowman

Should you be the kind of person who likes sad Christmas movies, or classic movies, or short films with an introduction by David Bowie, The Snowman is a worthwhile watch. It’s virtually silent; only Bowie (in the UK version of the intro) and Raymond Briggs (the American version) speak. The London Sinfonia soundtracks the 26-minute feature, but the scrimshaw-esque sketchiness of the illustrations do a fine job of carrying the plot; no dialogue is really needed. Luckily, as most of us lack VCRs nowadays, The Snowman is available on YouTube and streaming services the world ’round.

Happy holidays, and all the best for a better 2017.

x. Carey





…because it’s your civic duty

…because those taxes you complain about pay for public schools

…because yeah, you do actually directly elect the majority of candidates

…because you have a voice

…because you have a chance to empower yourself

…because the news makes you feel things you want to avoid

…or because you want to look your fear in the eyes

…because democracy is rule by the people, like, you there

…because you get a sticker

…because you don’t want to be exploited

…because you don’t want to get fucked over

…because you want to be a part of history

…because you can

…because we all deserve basic rights

…because human dignity exists, even if it’s not always apparent

…because you enjoy your freedoms

…or because you want the freedoms promised to you

…because riots suck but protesting is kind of cool

…because you don’t want to die indebted

…because you want to know you are drinking clean water

…because you want to know you have adequate health care

…because you don’t want your neighbor to go hungry

…because your grandmother asked you to

…because you kind of like winning

…because the faster you vote the quicker the pundits will be quiet

…because there are only so many  SNL skits that you can tolerate before you turn off the television

…because you want to go back to a time when “the Orange One” denoted a ginger wizard and not a corrupt raccoon

…because you couldn’t get a student visa to Canada fast enough


sometimes I just sit in the chapel


imageimageimagesometimes I genuflect before entering the pew

sometimes I lie in the pew and let my mind wander

always, I wonder how old the creaky pews must be

sometimes I can get through a decade

sometimes I pray the whole rosary

sometimes Father B. walks in with his scraggly service dog and we talk about life

many times I think of how I am lucky

sometimes I think about funerals

lately I look at the architecture and think about that art history midterm coming up

mostly I just think “what  a beautiful chapel”



the clothesline project



Awareness of sexual violence in the long shadows of the Orlando Massacre and the Stanford Rape Case is essential. Read on to learn of small things being done & for helpful resources that can be utilized to prevent sexual violence in the future.

April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month, as you might’ve known from newspapers, web journals or BuzzFeed. At my school, it’s taken very seriously (as it should at all universities).

Each year, volunteers from every department of our school spend innumerable hours to put up the shirts seen above on clotheslines, spread throughout our campus.

Why do we do this?

If you’ll look very closely, each shirt has a message, written or illustrated. Each shirt is a memorial for a particular survivor of sexual violence.

Each color represents a different type of violence, and as you’ll see, there is a wide spectrum of colors.

I go to a women’s college, and many of the shirts seen here are from my school. There are also shirts from inmates at nearby women’s prisons; the term project for two social studies classes is to visit the prisons to provide supplies for shirt-making for the inmates.

The Clothesline Project has been a tradition at my school for about a decade, though it’s been going on nationally and internationally for much longer.

– – –

The resources featured here from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center & the Human Rights Campaign:

Directory of Allied Organizations

Healthy Sexuality Resources

Sexual Violence Prevention on College Campuses

Engaging Bystanders

 Awareness and Prevention in the LGBTQ Community

Here’s to a safer school year.

x. Carey