We’ve made it.

It’s the Spring, the end of the Winter, the beginning of new life.

The darkness that begins with Halloween

ends today,

with this vernal Holy week.

Today is the day Catholics (and many Protestants) celebrate the Resurrection.

(The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates Easter this year on May 1st.)

Many other faiths celebrated ceremonials this past week, and their holidays are noted below.

Easter Rose

In Éire, it’s the centenary of the Easter Rising of 1916, which means so much to the Irish.

I can’t begin to explain it, so here is Yeats’ take.


In Sweden, the Easter witches come out, lurking the the shadows until dawn.


In the Vatican, the Pope says a magnificent Mass for everyone.

In Jerusalem, fewer Christians made a pilgrimage this year than last,

and yet the faithful will always come.

♥ ∞ ♥

This past week was also an important one for many other religions.

The Spring Equinox was last Sunday,

and both the followers of Persian Zoroastrian and Baha’i celebrated the New Year on 21st March.

The 23rd was both Holi, a Hindu festival, and also Magha Puja, a critical date in the Buddhist calendar,

and 24 March was Purim, the Jewish celebration of Queen Esther‘s heroism and her prevention of an impending genocide.

The 24th was also Hola Mohalla, the founding of the Sikh Khalsa.

Tomorrow, the 28th of March, is the prophet Zarathustra‘s birthday,

(Holiday research courtesy Dr. R. Sawyer. Much thanks.)

♥ ∞ ♥

My prayers are extended to those affected by the recent acts of terror in Pakistan, Belgium, Turkey, Nigeria, and the Côte d’Ivoire.

Banksy expresses hope for world peace beautifully.

Peace, lovelies.

x. Carey

p.s. – I realize that I know very little about the celebrations and customs and traditions of other faiths, and that is a shortcoming of mine. I believe in societal “wokeness”, and now I am on a mission to become religiously woke. If any mistakes have been made above, they are mine alone. “To err is human” said John Donne, but that doesn’t mean we should admit defeat; rather, we should learn and move forward. Excelsior.

(Ever higher).

p.p.s. The images of Florence Welch, in my personal belief, are introspective in a way that I identify with.

Therefore, she frequently appears in many of my posts. Her intelligence and musical artistry are really wonderful.

This is a personal blog, and no intention has been made to undermine or criticize others’ beliefs; these thoughts and expressions are purely my own.


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