it’s that time of year




My theory is that one day we’ll go back to a non-commercialized holiday season, or a satirically capitalist one, in which we’ll watch Elf for an oddly child-friendly Will Ferrell, and Scrooged for the eighties-corporation perspective.

Or maybe we’ll read holiday picture books and I’ll find milk/egg/wheat free waffles to eat. (Or are those simply oats??)

Regarding the Winter solstice, I hope the longer days will somehow rocket forward faster in the calendar year, and January.February.March will not remain the sad months they are.

I had to write a research paper about Hamlet once. It was due two days after it was assigned. So I wrote about Hamlet having seasonal affective disorder and Shakespeare not liking Scandinavian peoples and that’s why the play was basically an ergo miseramus all the way.

~Jingle bells~

Happy Winter for the crazy folk, namely my sister.

All the best,



edited (formatting): 26 may 2017



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