this is just to say


ff 2I haven’t eaten all the plums

in the icebox,

but I must admit,

I am not the greatest advocate for YA…

many books are of a similar bloodline

(Hello, fantasy novels with the phrases [bad/villainous/tormented] mythological creature inserted here has made things difficult for adolescent girl [with vaguely legendary name] who now must choose between [tradition/modernization] [old flame/new love] [saving herself/others] [all of the above!]: Please leave.) (Thank you.)

or reviews with the words

“thrilling, spine-tingling, shivery delight”

because, CLICHE!

However, in my sagacity as an almost adult, though not really,

I am extremely excited to read some YA books soon to be released.

No. 1 is, of course, These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly.

No. 2 is The Game of Love and Death by Martha Brockenbrough

No. 3 tied between Panic and Vanishing Girls, both by Lauren Oliver…recently released, but soon to be read…I did read Before I Fall last summer and I love her prose to pieces.

And though it’s not YA and I can’t find the words to describe my emotions for it, The Sage of Waterloo is probably one of the best books I will ever read…after I read it.

Because, bunnies.





courtesy Postcard from Holland

Vanishing Girls and Panic book covers courtesy Lauren Oliver’s Web site.

Game of Love and Death cover courtesy Martha Brockenbrough’s Web site.

These Shallow Graves cover courtesy HarperCollins’ Web site.




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