to fort frederick

i went to a museum


Hello! Good evening!

Today mea familia went to

Fort Frederick,IMG_0200

in Washington County, Maryland.

The fort had a remarkably outdated video,

from the year 2000,

lonely-looking “British soldiers”

doing cool demonstrations,

and amazing grounds.

Fort Frederick played a part in

most every historical event

from the 1750’s

IMG_0206to the 1930’s.

The Colonial Powers’ Buffoonery War initiated the building of the fort

{Washington stayed here once},

Revolutionaries used this stone behemoth as a stronghold

{the British stood outside it},

the Civil War came in handy in reviving its necessity

{Union soldiers borrowed the ruins},

and yes,IMG_0209

the Civilian Conservation Corps completely rebuilt it,

(and now we’re allowed to run around inside it, like rabid hedgehogs)

It’s an interactive museum,

so we could’ve put on tri-corner hats and peasant blouses,

but we chose to climb to the lookout instead.

Interestingly, we were actually climb the stairs and go inside the (albeit recreated) rooms.

 Super cool way to spend the Fourth of July,

I’d say.




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