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Carey is:

on the verge of a mental breakdown, though

she’s not exactly certain what will aggravate/stave it.

It’s probably due to AP Season(al) Affective Disorder,

or maybe because Senioritis is real (real, real, valid, real),

or possibly the awfulness {“Oh but it’s awful/the more I’ve heard”

-my interpretation of Austra’s “Lose It”,

though I know those aren’t the lyrics.}

the awfulness of recovery,

and maybe not wanting it anymore.

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So, what did I accumulate {find} during the month of April?

FullSizeRender (27)

The orchid was an Easter gift;

the painting an heirloom from Grandmama O’Clock;

the bunny {a bank} from Aunt Missy,

a gift from Tiffany’s;

van Gogh journal from the localish B&N,

a guilt gift to myself;

the soapcake

originated at an orchard nearby.

FullSizeRender (29)

{Trying out filters with camera:

just something new.}


Fortuna bona, amicis meis!

(Good luck, my friends!)

All the best,



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