Anne Frank

Anne Frank Image Courtesy My Hero {Web Site}

Anne Frank Image Courtesy My Hero {Web Site}

“Oh, Rose Of May!” So quoth Hamlet in Shakespeare’s The Prince of Denmark. He was not referring to the beauteous flowers outside his springtime window . Rather, the martyrdom of his loved ones. And no greater child-martyr of the twentieth century than Anne Frank.

Anne Frank receives a diary for her last birthday as a free Jewish girl growing up in Amsterdam. She recounts her daily life in hiding with seven other people for two years while Nazis storm Holland. Her story is one of an inquisitive, self-possessed, and, yes, confused adolescent girl; one who may or may not love her friend-who’s-a-boy who’s living in the attic upstairs with her.

Confession: I say “tragic” entirely too often. I am a teen girl, and I have my own issues, but there are few tragedies greater than Anne’s: She was only sixteen when she died. She was on her way to becoming a journalist, with a budding curiosity in this wide wonderful world closed (for her).

We, the bibliophilic teenage girls, must recount, remember, and honor this bright bulb darkened by the Holocaust. It is we who must never forget. We must honor Anne-all the Annes of the world.

The Diary of a Young Girl is a must-read for any and all yearning to be free. Because Anne never had the chance to grow up, to experience the euphoria of graduating college, even high school. She never moved away from her parents to find herself. She never lived voted, drove or lived life after the war.

Rather, she painted a daring, immeasurable picture of life for a brilliant girl hiding in hopes of achieving these things.

For that, we must remember.



chronology courtesy the Anne Frank Organization

edited (resource formatting/tags): 26 May 2017


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