Crystal Renn

Crystal Renn

Image Courtesy The Frisky

I’d say “HAPPY NATIONAL EATING DISORDER AWARENESS WEEK!” but I don’t know if it is something to celebrate…

Can I just say how awesome and inspiring Crystal Renn is? I read her memoir, Hungry, back when it was published, (2009) and I was thinking,


how cool is this woman?

I don’t mean to say she has everything

figured out,

no one does.

But Ms. Renn is pretty amazing and definitely “It”

in my book.

For those of you, dearest readers, who haven’t heard of her,

Crystal Renn is a fashion and art model who

almost died

of anorexia.

But this is the part when I can say,


Because she didn’t die.

In fact, she became healthy,

flourished as a “plus-size” model

for about four- to six-years,

(sources vary)

and then became a “healthy, happy medium” (as she called it in an interview)

more recently.

Renn almost died for her profession,

but overcame her anorexia athletica,

found her footing in the fashion world,

and now hikes and does yoga.

But wait, there’s more!

She wants to start a clothing line for women of all

shapes and sizes

and fashion-orientation

and also believes that the sample-size for models should be 4-10 (US sizing);

not the 00-2 (US sizing)

that it is now.

She poses the question:

‘I wanted people to question the dangerous lengths people go to attain beauty’

Read more at Daily Mail.

How inspiring is this woman?

I could go on (and on and on)

but I will refrain,

other than saying,

I love this woman!

As Always,



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