Tavi Gevinson


Tavi Gevinson, b. 1996, is the founder of Style Rookie, a fashion blog she started when she was eleven. At twelve, her popularity with high fashion couturiers earned her an invite to Fashion Week(s) the world over.

(Still waiting, Karl).

The amazing Rookie Mag was her next endeavor, launched when she was 14.

It is a thoughtful, colorful, and informative web magazine; now in its fourth year.

Tavi has also starred in This Is Our Youth on Broadway, and will be in next season’s The Crucible, along with Saoirse Ronan.

The best part of “Tavi’s takeover” (coined by NYLON magazine, October 2014) is that she has made herself a viable addition, a necessary voice. She’s not a brand or a product of a corporation; rather, she works the angles she fought to to her favor.


Tavi developed the webmag with her thinkalikes, including photographer Petra Collins, writer Hazel Cills, and a notable blogger in her own right, Anaheed Alani (who co-created This American Life on NPR with her husband, Ira Glass.) Rookie Mag also features regular articles by the ever-rad activists and prolific writers Jamia Wilson, Marie Lodi, Emma Straub and Amy Rose Spiegel.

Rookie Mag’s intent is a focus on girlhood, telling the story of marginalized and privileged adolescents alike; women reflecting on their successes and regrets, & teens who are experiencing their adolescence now.

Likely to be remembered as one of the coolest “it” girls of the early 21st century; Tavi focuses on more than the superficial aspects of pop culture, as does her web mag, of which she remains Editor-in-Chief.

In featuring interviews with friends and heroines Lorde and Janet Mock, as well as manifestos on why Black hair is best kept, why depression sucks, and why prom is kind-of-more-than-awful, the diversity of Tavi’s web mag is curated for the diversity of the women of the world.

What other website directed toward high school girls regularly features recommendations from bell hooks’ oeuvre, critical analyses of The Virgin Suicides, and recipes for DIY lipstick?

None that I’ve found.

(Let me know if you do.)

Yea for the amazing 21st century girls!

x. Carey

P.S. here’s a link to her TEDtalk!

edited/updated 30 May 2016





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