ginger & rosa, 2012

GINGER AND ROSA by Sally Potter

Elle Fanning is Ginger / Alice Englert is Rosa

After a forever-long search, I finally found Ginger and Rosa on

Amazon Prime.

It premiered in 2013,

to independent movie theaters around the U.S.,

but debuted at the Toronto Film Festival in 2012.

It’s a period drama about 1960’s London,

a cityscape in the forefront of

the two seventeen-year-old heroines multi-layered,

contradictory lives

of Ginger (Elle Fanning)

and Rosa (Alice Englert).

Ginger, a redhead born to teenage Nat in 1945, is a burgeoning existentialist and poet.

She is a peace activist with an interest in

(or obession with) nuclear disarmament.

Her friend, Rosa is a practicing Catholic,

but loosely moral in most other respects.

When Nat and Roland,

Ginger’s parents,

separate, this time

SSC Ginger and Rosa 3

Image Courtesy AceShowBiz

for good,

Roland takes up with Rosa,

whose own father


when she was little.

(This is particularly twisted,

and I, the reviewer,

did not like this plot device at all.)

Ginger and Rosa’s friendship founders quite dramatically

as the nuclear war and sexual revolution flourish,

but Ginger finds hope,

Image Courtesy Adam Gees

Image Courtesy Adam Gees

hope in her godfathers and their friend Bella,

hope in the peace activist she meets at a disarmament rally,

and hope in herself.

The movie ends with a final twist,

and Ginger,

writing in her diary in the hospital

(shh! not telling anymore…)

and is quoted as saying.,

“I forgive you, Rosa,”.

This is an excellent movie,

plotted like a

literary novel

its acting spectacular,

especially Elle Fanning as Ginger,

and Timothy Spall, and Oliver Platt as the

convincingly good-humored godfathers.

Image Courtesy Union Pictures

Image Courtesy Union Pictures

Annette Bening, who played Bella, was also superb.

Signing off,



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