the secret history

Best Accessory: Secret

The Secret History, by Donna Tartt

The Best Accessory?

Obviously, a book.

Whether it’s a novel, nonfiction narrative or an anthology, these are my most favorite selections.

You may know Donna Tartt as the author of 2014’s Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Goldfinch.

Well, she wrote The Secret History in 1992, by Vintage Books. It’s the story of a murder on a preppy, all-is-well-in-our-wealthy-world campus.

But I’m not really giving anything away when I say that. In fact, the first line of the book is, “The snow in the mountains was melting and Bunny had been dead for several weeks before we came to understand the gravity of our situation.”


The story is narrated by Richard Papen, a Californian who decides to go to New England for college. The school itself is nice enough. Pretty, autumnal, collegiate.

But he wants more than the average ho-hum classes he’s been put in. So one day, by chance, while he’s in the library, he answers an intellectual battle Charles and Camilla Macaulay are waging. This brings him to the attention of their adviser, the intimidatingly brilliant, reclusive Julian Morrow.

And so Richard switches his major to the study of the Classics, and soon finds that the men and woman scholars are not as picture-perfect as they seem.

They all have secrets they are keeping from each other,

and lies they are telling through their teeth,

and alternative lives,

and then one of them, Bunny, is murdered.

This book is a 559-page thriller that makes you compulsively draw it out of your bag until it’s over.

This book is for those who like books set in college towns, New England, murder mysteries, and shocking truths in the very last few pages of the book.

Also, dare I say it, for people who are sick of Pretty Little Liars but still want the same jolt when they are guessing what exactly is happening to these people.

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