Joan d’Arc


Lorde may be the latest pure heroine, and first to phrase it as such, but a look through history displays many other icons, all woman of beauty, power and bravery. And also, martyrs for their cause.

Let’s just hope we don’t follow into the latter category…

Joan of Arc:

Courtesy of Howard David Johnson Galleries

Courtesy of Howard David Johnson Galleries

Joan was a peasant/woman warrior/advocate/martyr in the fifteenth century France.

She was Catholic in a time when it wasn’t a safe religion to profess her faith to,

and yet she saw visions of leading the French to victory over England in the Hundred Years’ War.

So she received an audience with the Dauphin of France and he eventually lent her an army.

She was victorious over the English again and again,

until the Duke of Burgundy (in France),

a traitor to the French,

had her convicted of heresy,

and so she was

burned at the stake

in 1431, at age 19.

She is a brave woman for speaking out,

speaking the truth,

when she had the education of a child,

and very little power

in the Middle Ages,

a time when women were subjected to

droit de signeur

(Look it up if you dare)

and yet she was a woman of God,

of bravery,

of love for her country.

A Pure Heroine in my book.

Signing off,



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